Manage all your brands and global regions

Grow with confidence

Onboard new brands and rollout to new countries

Segment inventory by brand or region

Use inventory rules to virtually segment what inventory you sell where.

Configure custom logic by brand or region

Enable each brand or region to create its own sourcing and allocation logic to satisfy local regulations or consumer expectations.

Reuse business rules and processes

Create business rule templates that can be copied from one brand or region to another to accelerate expansion.

Enable local languages

Let staff use the platform in their local language.

Multi-Brand / Multi-National Distributed Order Management eBook

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Add new brands and global region with confidence using Multi-Brand / Multi-National Distributed Order Management.


More Features & Benefits

Fluent Order Management

Achieve the perfect balance between customer experience and profitability.

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Distributed Order Management

Manage orders and returns across all your distribution centers, store and drop shippers.

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Global Inventory

See a real-time view of all your inventory so you can increase what’s available to sell.

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