Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud

Seamless integration with Salesforce

Pre-built connectors let you roll out faster

Track stock availability in near real-time

Keep inventory data in sync across all your systems and locations so you know what’s Available to Sell.

Display accurate inventory online

Show customers what’s in stock at their local store, and when they can get it.

Manage orders in Salesforce Service Cloud

Let customer service staff see detailed order status and edit orders directly in Salesforce Service Cloud so you can close calls faster.

Benefits of Fluent Order Management

Take your omnichannel operations to the next level

Manage buffer stock levels

Set buffer stock (or safety stock) levels so you don’t oversell and have to cancel orders.

Manage virtual inventory pools

Set up rules to segment your stock so you can control what you sell in each channel, market, or region.

Accept pre-orders and backorders

Use custom inventory statuses to manage pre-orders and backorders.

Optimize sourcing and allocation

Ship orders from the best location such as the store with the lowest sell through, oldest stock, highest discounts, or store closest to the customer.

Automate store capacity management

Configure rules to manage the number of orders a store can process, or have open at one time.

Optimize your pick and pack UX

Increase store staff productivity with In-Store Pick and Pack.

Fluent Order Management for Salesforce

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