Let customers and store staff easily see product availability

Single View Of Inventory Benefits

See Product Availability

Let both your customers and store staff easily see what's available to sell.

Make Inventory Work Harder

Make your inventory work harder to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Avoid Bad Impressions

Reduce your order cancellation rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Increase revenue & satisfaction

Being in stock—or not—can make or break a sale. And it’s not just the immediate purchase that’s at stake. Out of stock product can have a lasting impression on the customer—one of disappointment with your brand. But what’s really sad is that often a retailer isn’t out of stock, they just can’t see the inventory.

With a single view of inventory, both your customers and store staff members can easily see product availability, location, and delivery options. So you’re more likely to make the sale. This means that all your inventory—even the inventory on retail shelves, in back rooms, and in transit—is working hard to help you increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Inventory available for sale

More Solutions

Click & Collect

Offer free shipping, even on orders that don't qualify.

Ship From Store

Deliver faster, avoid out of stocks, and reduce markdowns.

Return Anywhere

Accept the return of an online order from any location.

Fulfill From Anywhere

Continue to fulfill optimally as you expand into new markets.

Customer Service

Provide a seamless customer service experience across all channels.