Create a seamless CX across all your sales channels

Make all your customer touchpoints better

Share data across all your systems

Fluent Order Management graphic

See and manage customer orders from any application

Use your current systems to manage orders so you can reduce training and change management

Lookup stock availability from anywhere

Let staff see what you have in stock from any application so they can provide better service to your customers

Unite your data

Use custom attributes to map customer, order, inventory and location data across all your systems

Provide a seamless customer experience

Across all channels

Show accurate stock in all sales channel

Show customers what they can buy and when they can get it to build customer trust

Enable self-service from any channel

Let customers see detailed order status, edit orders, and manage returns.

Automatically process customer responses to notifications

Use customer responses to mobile notifications, such as ‘Accept Updated Delivery Date’ or ‘Cancel my Order’ to trigger fulfillment processes.


Accelerate Your Order Management

Let us show you a better way to manage omnichannel orders

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