Increase your profit on every order

Get more control over every step in your fulfillment logic

Take your business rules to the next level

Optimize sourcing and allocation

Ship orders from the best location such as the store with the lowest sell through, oldest stock, highest discounts, or store closest to the customer.

Manager buffer stock levels

Set buffer stock (or safety stock) levels by product, category, or location, so you don’t oversell and have to cancel orders.

Manage split shipments

Set a maximum number of splits based on order value, customer loyalty status, etc.

Automate order consolidation

Trigger stock transfers if an order needs to be consolidated at a distribution center or store.

Offer sustainable delivery options

Use existing replenishment routes for stock transfers to reduce your carbon footprint and satisfy consumer demand for ‘green’ delivery.

Allocate against inbound inventory

Promise against future stock availability if it will arrive in time to meet the customer’s desired delivery date.

Optimize store fulfillment

Whether it’s flagship stores, dark stores, or popup stores

Automate store capacity management

Configure rules to manage the number of orders a store can process, or have open at one time.

Allocate orders based on store performance

Use rules to manage which stores get which orders based on store grade, orders processed, on-time fulfillment rate, capacity, etc.

Automate exception management

Automatically reroute short picks and trigger an update to the customer, if necessary.

Optimize your pick and pack UX

Increase store staff efficiency with an In-Store Pick and Pack webapp you can configure to fit your business.

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