Increase store staff productivity

Empower staff to pick and pack faster

Increase engagement and reduce change management

Optimize your pick and pack UX

Design your staff experience—add or skip steps—to achieve the perfect balance between speed and accuracy for your business.

Reduce travel time

Have staff pick orders by item, location, or product category to shorten travel time.

Prioritize VIP orders

Let staff pick and pack orders from your most loyal customers first so they’re ready for pickup faster.

Automate exception management

Trigger alerts and reroute orders if they’re not processed fast enough, or an item is short picked.

Track items in special in-store locations

Use custom attributes to help staff find items in special locations like display areas or mannequins.

Show staff high priority orders

Give staff a sense of urgency by flagging orders that are almost overdue.

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7 Ways to Boost In-Store Pick and Pack Efficiency


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