The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Systems, Q2 2023

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Cloud-native platform designed for future growth

Modern Architecture

Future ready

Fluent tech stack

Web Apps

Customize the UX to enhance your staff experience and boost productivity.

Order Management Experience (OMX)

The low-code platform for order management that lets you configure and extend UIs and Workflows to fit your business.


GraphQL and REST APIs let you connect with any application or channel.

Orchestration Engine

Manage updates to products, inventory, orders, and payments across all your systems.

Scalable Architecture

Provides on-demand scale, global availability and zero downtime releases.

Open APIs

Share data with other systems using our GraphQL and REST APIs.

Design System

Create custom web apps using the OMX Design System that contains patterns built to ensure in-store pick and pack efficiency.

Developer Ecosystem

Find developer talent easily with our growing network of global and regional partners.

Extensible Platform

Extend the data model to support your use cases and extend the apps using our SDK.

Integration Accelerators

Connect your applications faster with our growing list of pre-built connectors.

Deploy Headless

Supports headless deployment so you can, say, manage orders in your existing CRM.

7 critical features you should expect from a Modern Order Management System

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Using your ERP and commerce platform to manage online inventory used to work…. but it doesn’t anymore. Learn more about the 7 critical features you should expect from a modern OMS.

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The micro frontend architecture, and rules-based workflows let teams work in parallel so you can deliver business value faster.

Reduce maintenance
effort and cost

A cloud-native microservices architecture lets you maintain less, innovate quickly, and reduce your total cost of ownership.


Support for multiple API patterns (REST, GraphQL, Webhooks, synchronous, asynchronous, etc.) provides the flexibility you need to integrate faster.

Increase brand

Get accurate inventory to help reduce out of stocks, and increase trust in your stock availability.

Boost your

Reduce canceled orders and customer disappointment.

Increase your

Integrate accurate inventory with your ad platform to reduce wasted spend on ads for products that aren’t in stock.

Reduce out of stocks
and canceled orders

Keep inventory in sync in near real time to reduce customer disappointment.

Roll out new
offerings faster

Add new digital channels, new fulfillment offerings, more fulfillment locations, or expand to new regions… faster.

Improve your
customer experience

Show customers an accurate view of what’s in stock and how and when they can get it.

Improve your
fill rate

Keep inventory in sync in near real time to increase your on-time in full delivery rate.

Reduce delivery

Optimize fulfillment logic to reduce transportation costs.


Use advanced sourcing logic to continually optimize fulfillment operations.

Reduce call

Increased inventory accuracy means less canceled orders and associated support calls.

Resolve calls

Empower your team with detailed order status information so they can resolve support calls faster.


With headless integration (optional) your team can manage orders from within your existing systems to reduce training and call resolution time.

Drive store

Show customers what’s in stock, and provide the online order pickup options that increase store visits and revenue.

Pick and pack

Craft the pick and pack strategy that best fits your store footprint, and reduce printing needs.

Manage store

Control how many orders are sent to each store to prevent bottlenecks and customer disappointment.


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