See a real-time view of all your inventory so you can increase what's available to sell

Get a Single View of Inventory

  • Connect all your enterprise applications (ERPs, eCommerce, POS, WMS) for a single view of all your on-hand inventory
  • Integrate with suppliers, 3PLs and drop shippers to expand what you have Available to Promise to reduce out of stocks
Inventory available to sell across different sales channels
Inventory available to sell

Expand what’s Available to Sell

  • Accept preorders for ‘not yet released’ products
  • Get the ability to sell in-bound inventory and still provide accurate delivery dates to your customers
  • Offer a larger selection of products to increase sales
  • Sell inventory from drop shippers so you can:
    • Expand your selection without buying inventory
    • Test new products without the risk of a loss if they don’t sell

Segment your inventory with Virtual Catalogs

  • Use rules-based virtual catalogs to control what inventory is available to sell at what price for each:
    • Geographical area, specific inventory location, or network of locations
    • Sales channel (eCommerce site, marketplace, etc.)
    • Customer segment
    • Or any other market segment
Marketplace selling and segmented inventory concept
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Achieve Real-time Inventory Control

  • Update safety stock or buffer stock in real-time to reduce overselling and canceled orders
  • Easily hide inventory affected by a supply chain disruption (e.g., weather event) to prevent missed delivery dates
  • Receive alerts so you can respond to disruptions quickly

More Features & Benefits

Fluent Order Management

Achieve the perfect balance between customer experience and profitability.

Product Availability

Show customers what's in stock at their local store so they're more likely to complete the sale.

Distributed Order Management

Manage orders and returns across all your distribution centers, stores, and drop shippers.

Store Fulfillment

Use your stores as mini-DCs for 'Click and Collect' and 'Ship from Store' orders.