Provide a seamless customer service experience across all channels

Customer Service Benefits

Offer a Premium Purchase Experience

Provide a seamless, high quality customer experience across all customer touch points.

Keep Customers Informed

Regular order status updates and alerts let customers know when their order will arrive, and can reduce support calls.

Empower Your Staff

User-friendly tools make it easy for staff to see where an item is in-stock, or view and edit an online order for a customer.

Provide a good Order Management Experience (OMX)

Today, customers want more from you. They expect a premium purchase experience from the product page all the way through delivery. This means the Order Management Experience (OMX) is really important if you want customers to buy again and again.

But many retailers struggle to provide a good OMX for their customers. Customer order and inventory data is spread across many systems. And Customer Service Reps, whether in-store or in a call center, don’t have quick and easy ways to find, view and edit orders.

Fluent Order Management lets you provide a seamless customer service experience across all channels. This means your staff can see where an item is in-stock, or view the status of an online order for a customer. No phone calls required. They can also edit items on the order if needed, or update the delivery address. In short, Fluent Order Management’s user-friendly tools let your staff deliver an optimal OMX every time. This means you’ll have happier customers, higher Net Promoter Scores (NPSs), and ultimately, more repeat sales.

Editing an omnichannel order concept

More Solutions

Click & Collect

Offer free shipping, even on orders that don't qualify.

Ship From Store

Deliver faster, avoid out of stocks, and reduce markdowns.

Single View Of Inventory

Let customers and store staff easily see product availability.

Return Anywhere

Accept the return of an online order from any location.

Fulfill From Anywhere

Continue to fulfill optimally as you expand into new markets.