Automate order management across all your systems and processes

Optimize order routing and reduce the cost to serve

Ship from the right location, every time.

Reduce delivery costs

Ship from the location closest to the customer, or the location with the lowest shipping costs

Optimize sourcing and allocation

Ship from locations with, for example, low sell through rates or high markdowns, to reduce discounting.

Fulfill from DCs, Stores, 3PLs and DSVs

Route orders to the most cost-effective location, including Distribution Centers (DCs), Stores, 3PLs, and Drop Ship Vendors (DSVs)

Turn stock locations ‘on’ or ‘off’

Quickly include or exclude stock locations from what’s Available to Promise online.

Update business rules faster

Make changes to fulfillment logic without the need for IT support.

Manage customer orders

View detailed order status, edit in-flight orders, and manage appeasements and returns

Automate Everything

Process orders faster

Manage exceptions

Automatically re-route short picks and trigger an update to the customer, if necessary.

Transfer stock

Trigger stock transfers when orders need to be consolidated at a DC or store.

Split shipments

Configure rules to manage how many times an order can be split.


Configure rules to manage the returns process, including quality checks, and reverse logistics.

Manage manual processes

Trigger alerts for manual steps in your order workflow, like fraud checks.

Manage orders across systems

Trigger events in other systems, like customer notifications or alerts.

Extend the data model

Use custom attributes to track all your key data

Location order attributes

Order attributes

Use custom order attributes to track additional details like your eCommerce system’s reference number or whether the order includes value added services

Location attributes

Add custom location attributes that can be used in your fulfillment logic (e.g., ability to ship bulky/fragile items, curbside availability), or store reference numbers used in other systems

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