Customers get their orders faster and you get more store traffic

Click & Collect Benefits

Offer Free & Fast Delivery

Customers get their orders faster and with no shipping costs.

Increase Store Traffic

Get customers into your stores so they're likely to spend more.

Avoid Delivery Inconveniences

Avoid home delivery inconveniences like being at home or 'porch pirates'.

Free shipping on everything

How do you offer free shipping, even on orders that don’t qualify? In-Store Pickup. It’s a great way to get customers to buy, even when their order total is below your free shipping threshold. And there are other benefits too. For one, it lets customers get their orders faster – they don’t have to wait for delivery. Two, it avoids the inconvenience of being home to accept a delivery, or worse, ‘porch pirates’ stealing a package. Finally, it brings customers into your store – so they’re more likely to spend more with you. But to convert this new source of store traffic, you need to make the pickup experience easy.

That’s where Fluent Order Management’s easy to use store tools come in. They speed up the pickup process and keep the wait time short. This means customers have a better experience and more time to shop, and store staff have more time to help customers and make sales.

Free click and collect delivery option concept

More Solutions

Ship from Store

Deliver faster, avoid out of stocks, and reduce markdowns.

Single View Of Inventory

Both your customers and store staff can easily see product availability.

Return Anywhere

Accept the return of an online order from any location.

Fulfill From Anywhere

Continue to fulfill optimally as you expand into new markets.

Customer Service

A seamless customer experience across all channels.