Offer fast, convenient pickup… from anywhere

Boost store visits and sales

Use Click & Collect or Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) to increase store traffic

Online Shopping

Show what’s in stock at all local stores

Let customers see how quickly they pickup an item from any of their local stores.

Offer Ship to Store for delivery convenience

Let customers choose to pick up items that need to be shipped from a DC or DSV, so they can avoid home delivery if they want to.

Reduce lead times for in-store pickup

Use store inventory so customers can pick up their orders in hours or minutes, not days.

Manage curbside pickup

Configure rules to manage separate processes and storage locations for in-store and curbside pickup.

Offer touchless pickup

Scan barcodes for easy, touchless pickup.

Expand your pickup locations

Add other locations, like lockers and partner stores, to your network.

Optimize pick and pack

Enable faster picking with In-Store Pick & Pack.

Automate capacity management

Configure rules to manage how many orders are sent to each store per day.

Click and Collect Starter Guide

Free Guide

A battle plan to help you maximize the return on your Click & Collect program.


Accelerate Your Order Management

Let us show you a better way to manage omnichannel orders

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