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Why fulfillment
optimization matters

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Fulfillment optimization increases margins and profit on every order

Margins matter. And your ability to extract maximum value from each order is paramount to profits. But many leaders struggle to do just that. Modern buyers expect an Amazon-like experience. They no longer accept canceled orders, fulfillment delays or inaccurate information.

So how can leaders like you optimize your sourcing strategy to increase margins? And give these buyers what they want? How do you move inventory that’s stuck in stores? Or ship more orders from one location, and less from another?

You’re trying to increase margin and profit on every order, but don’t know how

Every order counts. And if you sell across multiple channels, regions, marketplaces or brands, it is essential your sourcing strategy meets the needs of each. You want to move the right inventory to the right place—and at the right time. But how do you know which sourcing strategy is best? Can your platform or system handle your needs? And what if that strategy needs to change—and fast?

You need to be agile in order to satisfy buyers’ demands, plan for future growth, and manage increasingly complex global supply chains. The old way of cobbling together inventory updates with clunky, older systems is slowing you down.

When information lives in different—and often disconnected—legacy systems, it’s complicated, time consuming and costly. And what if you need to make changes? With legacy systems, it can take a lot of development time and resources to do so. And sometimes it’s still not accurate. Can you adjust your buffer or safety stock easily? How will you manage split shipments?

You need to be agile in order to satisfy buyers’ demands, plan for future growth, and manage increasingly complex global supply chains. The old way of cobbling together inventory updates with clunky, older systems is slowing you down. So how can you ensure a single view of inventory?

You need a flexible, cloud-native Order Management System that moves and grows with you.

Maximize Margin and Profit On Every Order with an Order Management System

Your order management system should allow you to optimize your sourcing and allocation strategy. It should help you fulfill orders from the location that make the most sense. And automatically manage split shipments. Does yours?

Fluent Order Management, the leading cloud-native distributed order management system, allows you to do just that. It provides you with flexible sourcing strategies, the ability to deliver faster, and even reduce markdowns. What else can you accomplish with Fluent Order Management?

More control over your fulfillment logic

Fluent Order Management takes business rules to the next level

  • Optimize Sourcing and Allocation: Ship orders from the best location such as the store with the lowest sell through, oldest stock, highest discounts, or store closest to the customer
  • Manage Buffer Stock Levels: Set buffer stock (or safety stock) levels by product, category, or location, so you don’t oversell and have to cancel orders
  • Manage Split Shipments: Set a maximum number of splits based on order value, customer loyalty status, etc.
  • Automate Order Consolidation: Trigger stock transfers if an order needs to be consolidated at a distribution center or store
  • Offer Sustainable Delivery Options: Use existing replenishment routes for stock transfers to reduce your carbon footprint and satisfy consumer demand for ‘green’ delivery
  • Allocate Against Inbound Inventory: Promise against future stock availability if it will arrive in time to meet the customer’s desired delivery date.

Optimize Store Fulfillment

Dark stores, flagships or popups

  • Automate Store Capacity Management: Configure rules to manage the number of orders a store can process, or have open at one time
  • Allocate Orders Based On Store Performance: Use rules to manage which stores get which orders based on store grade, orders processed, on-time fulfillment rate, capacity, etc.
  • Automate Exception Management: Automatically reroute short picks and trigger an update to the customer, if necessary
  • Optimize Your Pick and Pack UX: Increase store staff efficiency with an In-Store Pick and Pack web app you can configure to fit your business
  • Route Orders in Real-Time: Send orders to fulfillment locations in real-time, whether to a Distribution Center, Drop Ship Vendor (DSV), or store

How Does Fluent Order Management Work?

Fluent Order Management is a powerful, cloud-native platform. Unlike traditional, legacy systems, Fluent Order Management is made to fit your omnichannel fulfillment strategy—and not the other way around. With a flexible API-first architecture, you can scale as needed anywhere around the globe, and be confident in your ability to handle growth.

And with Fluent Order Management Experience (OMX), it’s even easier. It is the low-code platform for order management. Which means it is easy to use, rapid to implement, and seamlessly integrates with other tools. This flexibility enables users to make changes quickly as market conditions ebb and flow.

Another key advantage? Complete flexibility of your sourcing strategies. From the simpler logic such as setting a buffer or safety stock and sourcing from the location with the most inventory, to more complex—cross-brand merchandising and sourcing orders from a location in the same country an order was placed—Fluent Order Management has you covered.


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