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How a Strong Order Management System can Improve Customer Satisfaction

An effective method to enhance the customer experience

Find the right fit for your business

By Fluent Commerce Marketing

Oct 12, 2022

If your organization is looking to improve overall customer satisfaction, an Order Management System (OMS) is one of the most effective methods to enhance the customer experience.

For many businesses, order management is one of the greatest pain points. Outdated order management practices can not only be cost-inefficient but may also create friction along the purchasing journey.

Conversely, a modern, cloud-based order management system can provide real-time insights into managing product availability, how to improve the online shopping journey, and help your business tap into the massive ecommerce market.

Join us as we further examine how to improve customer satisfaction with the right order management technology.

How the Right Order Management System Optimizes the Customer Service Experience

OMS technology empowers your business to improve the customer experience by:

Improving Overall Efficiency

One of the key value propositions of a cloud-based OMS is that it allows you to automate order management across your entire organization.

Commonly recognized as distributed order management, this function allows you to source orders from more cost-effective locations, such as 3PLs, drop ship vendors, or distribution centers. It also allows you to improve your sourcing and resource allocation practices.

By using distributed order management to automate your order management processes, you and your team have more time to spend serving your customers. This will create a trickle-down effect that improves the overall customer experience.

Reducing Inventory Management Costs

Inventory management can be incredibly costly. Naturally, some of these expenses will be eventually passed onto your customers. The right OMS solution can help keep your inventory management costs in check by providing you access to real-time inventory data.

Gaining control over your high inventory management costs will allow you to offer more competitive pricing. In turn, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make your products more appealing.

Facilitate Inventory Transparency

Having an inaccurate inventory report can increase your warehousing costs and be a major pain point for customers. There should never be a disconnect between the items that are listed as in-stock and those that are actually available for order.

This discrepancy can set the stage for a scenario that is all too common in ecommerce: A customer orders an in-demand product and successfully places their order—however, your system determines that the item is not in stock, cancels the order, and sends an update that the order has been canceled. The customer will likely not order from you again.

OMS technology allows you to make this headache of a scenario a thing of the past. It ensures that customers are viewing up-to-the-minute inventory data so they can order confidently.

Tap Into the Best Order Management System

Now that you’ve been given expert insights on how to improve customer satisfaction with OMS technology, it is time to find the best order management system for your business. At Fluent Commerce, we provide customers like you with our cloud-distributed order management technology, Fluent Order Management. With our tech in your corner, you can optimize the online shopping journey, eliminate friction from the purchasing journey, and boost revenue. Schedule a free demo to learn more.


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