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How a Headless Commerce Platform Improves Customer Experience

Off with their head! - The Queen of Hearts was right

Explore the benefits of implementing a headless commerce strategy

By Fluent Commerce Marketing

Jan 21, 2023

Customer experience optimization is a top priority for ecommerce businesses across the globe

There are many ways to enhance the customer experience, generate more sales, and differentiate yourself from the competition. However, one of the best approaches involves implementing a headless commerce approach. Here’s why.

What Is Headless Commerce?

First things first: What does headless commerce mean?

Headless commerce refers to the separation of back-end and front-end ecommerce platforms. By separating the front- and back-end systems, you can build a truly unique experience. 

A headless commerce framework also allows you to tailor the experience using powerful integrations. You can pack your front-end system with features and functionalities that will keep your target audience more engaged.

On its own, a headless commerce platform will lead to memorable, robust customer experiences. However, to maximize the impact of this approach to e-commerce, you also need a great order management solution. Together, these solutions deliver a great customer experience without compromising inventory visibility. 

3 Benefits of Headless Commerce

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What does headless commerce mean?” you can shift your attention to the benefits of this unique approach to e-commerce. Transitioning to a headless commerce platform enables you to:

1. Engage in Customer Experience Optimization

The biggest advantage? Optimizing CX. When your back- and front-end systems are connected, your ability to tailor needs are limited. But with a headless approach? Everyaspect can be tailored to suit the preferences of your target audience. 

2. Increase Agility and Flexibility

If you want to stay relevant in the modern marketplace, you must be able to adapt to emerging trends. And do so fast. But it is  difficult when using a standard ecommerce solution. Why? It’s simple-making changes to your front- or back-end system is time-consuming. And can be costly.  

However, a headless system makes it easier to adapt to whatever comes your way.

3. Save Time and Money

Making modifications to a traditional commerce platform can take weeks, if not months. During this time, you’ll rack up a huge IT bill—especially if you are outsourcing development responsibilities. Even if you are handling the changes in-house, your IT team will be tied up for weeks and won’t be able to handle other critical tasks.

A headless commerce platform eliminates both of these pain points. Changes can be made fast, which means that you will save tons of time and money. You can also oversee change implementation in-house without bogging down your IT team.

Get Agile with Fluent Commerce

Do you want to increase organizational agility and provide a true omnichannel experience by leveraging headless commerce? Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, DTC brand, or luxury retail brand, you need to implement a headless order management system in order to succeed. Fluent Commerce’s powerful distributed order management platform includes the essential components for unified, headless commerce.  

This solution will enable you to tap into the benefits of headless commerce without sacrificing end-to-end visibility. Our order management system will serve as your single source of truth while you wow your customers by building out a dynamic front end that immerses them in an unforgettable omnichannel experience.

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