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5 Ways an Optimized Order Management System (OMS) Can Prevent Inventory Mishaps

Spoiler alert — automation is always key

Never endure inventory mishaps again

By Fluent Commerce Marketing

Dec 15, 2022

Inventory mishaps can wreak havoc on customer loyalty. Hinder the long-term growth of your brand. The good news is that there’s a way to ensure that you never have inventory mishaps again.

The solution? Investing in an automated order management system.

Let’s take a closer look at five common mishaps you can prevent with the right OMS inventory management system. We’ll also reveal how to implement inventory management systems so you can put inventory mishaps behind you for good.


Overselling and underselling can both undermine the success of your business. Overselling leads to customer dissatisfaction and can tarnish your brand image. Worse, it can crush your momentum when a product has been performing well. 

On the other hand, underselling can tie up your capital and leave you with unnecessary stock. To offload this stock, you may have to take a loss or sit on it for months. Either option will cut into your profitability and impede growth.

Fortunately, you can prevent both problems thanks to real-time visibility.

No demand forecasting

Do you lack demand forecasting capabilities? If so, it’s only a matter of time before you either undersell or oversell. 

OMS inventory management technology can help you avoid stock management mishaps by providing robust demand forecasting tools.

You can use demand forecasting to accurately predict just how much stock you’ll need. The benefits? Fewer stockouts, happier customers.

A lack of automation

Manual processes are the enemy of productivity and growth. If you’re relying on manual practices, you’re throwing money down the drain.

Empower your team by automating numerous workflows, making it possible to get more done in less time. These automation tools even reduce costly errors by eliminating the need for redundant manual data entry.

Inability to track inventory counts

Do you struggle to match your database inventory with your physical stock? Inconsistencies in your inventory counts are a sure sign of a visibility problem.

Once again, an OMS inventory management system holds the key. Top OMS solutions allow you to precisely track inventory counts. You’ll never lose sight of inventory again with the right OMS in place.

Poor customer service

Inventory mishaps don’t just impact your bottom line — they also impact the customer service experience. If these issues persist, your brand reputation will suffer, and you may find it difficult to retain customers.

Provide exceptional customer service. Ship products faster and more efficiently. And decrease shipping costs—all with the right OMS.


How to manage inventory better and prevent mishaps

Want to know how to implement inventory management systems that will make inventory mishaps a thing of the past? Fluent Commerce can help.

Our automated order management system facilitates omnichannel orchestration across all your processes and systems. The Fluent Commerce OMS inventory management platform, Fluent Order Management, assists with everything from reducing delivery costs to optimizing resource allocation and much more.

Schedule a free demo to learn more about how to manage inventory effectively. 


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