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5 Common Fulfillment Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Ensure accurate fulfillment every. single. time

The most common mistakes can add up and cost you.

By Fluent Commerce Marketing

Nov 29, 2022

Over time, even the smallest mistakes in fulfillment can add up and cost you — a lot. Warehouse shipping mistakes can result in frustrated customers, bad reviews, and more work.

So how can you reduce these errors and ensure accurate fulfillment? Implement processes and warehouse optimization solutions that ensure customers receive their orders correctly.

What are the most common warehouse fulfillment mistakes?

Get your business on the right track. Avoid—or significantly reduce—warehouse shipping mistakes and fulfillment errors. What are they? Let’s explore the 5 most common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

#1) Inventory accuracy

Inventory accuracy issues are a key culprit of fulfillment errors. If your warehouse inventory is incorrect, your customers will receive the wrong products.

Your top priority should be determining how to reduce picking and packing errors. If you’re among the 43% of businesses that don’t track inventory or do so manually, it’s time to update to a software-based solution.

Fluent Commerce offers a near real-time inventory view that’s always accurate. This ensures that your team has a workable understanding of what’s in stock and what isn’t.

2) Fulfillment issues

Fulfillment is a multi-step process. It includes picking & packing the order. Labeling. Shipping. And of course, keeping the customer informed of their order status. . But there’s potential for mistakes during each of these steps.

Unsurprisingly, 46% of warehouses cite human error as their top issue. The solution? Arules-based fulfillment optimization solution.

3) Product marketing and labeling

Your warehouse stores thousands of items. These are often in different colors and sizes or other options. And the days when warehouse staff memorized the inventory are long gone. Nowadays, products must be marked with barcodes or UPCs. There also may be an order number. Or a pick ticket. These identifying features can reduce errors.

Another way to reduce errors? With an order management software solution. You can automate processes such as exception management and optimize your pick and pack UX.

4) Shipping errors

Shipping errors can happen for various reasons. Stock location labeling can be incorrect. Product slotting issues can lead to picking errors. Or your software may not be properly integrated with all order sources.

With warehouse optimization solutions, such as an order management system, you can see what’s available across all locations—warehouses, distribution centers, stores and more.

5) Lack of technology and automation

Technology solutions can significantly increase fulfillment accuracy. Warehouse optimization software is a must-have for any modern warehouse, along with other tech that includes an array of inventory management and warehouse optimization functions, such as:

  • Barcode labeling and scanning
  • Stock location
  • Pick/Pack confirmation

If your warehouse is behind on technology, costly mistakes are inevitable.

Ensure accurate fulfillment with every order

If you’re struggling to figure out how to reduce picking and packing errors and other common fulfillment mistakes, you could benefit from warehouse optimization software. It promises to add value to your fulfillment process through increased accuracy, efficiency, and automation.

The right order management system goes can help. Schedule a free demo to learn more.

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