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Revolutionizing Retail: A Deep Dive into AI

Episode 15 | 34 mins

Venky Shankar, Chair of the Advisory Council at the Marketing Accountability Standards Board

What does the future of retail look like in the world of AI?

Dr. Venky Shankar, Chair of the Advisory Council at the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, is here to help us understand. This conversation delves into the latest trends and technologies shaping the retail industry, including personalized shopping experiences, augmented reality, and generative AI. Dr. Shankar also highlights the ethical concerns surrounding the use of customer data and algorithms in retail, and the need for regulations to ensure responsible and smart marketing practices.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What the potential impact of AI on retail and marketing is, and how businesses can take advantage of it
  • How generative AI works, and what ethical considerations should be taken into account when using it for retail and marketing purposes
  • Where regulations on data privacy and tracking have been implemented, and what impact they have had on the industry

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Meet the host

Jamie is responsible for how Fluent Commerce “sets the global standard in inventory and order management”. This mission covers every facet of the business but is primarily focused on Go To Market, Product and Financials. Over the past 7 years at Fluent Commerce he has led Sales, opened up new markets and established the Channel & Alliances function.

He is regularly interviewed, hosts webinars and live events as well as this podcast. Jamie has spent the last 20+ years collaborating with partners to take new solutions into new markets, within start-up scale businesses like TimesTen and Arantech and global software organizations such as Tektronix and Oracle, where he was responsible for the Retail Solutions portfolio immediately prior to joining Fluent Commerce.


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