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Introducing Fluent’s new low-code platform: Order Management Experience (OMX)

Rollout new features faster than ever.

With Fluent OMX you can create new components and tailor the Fluent Order Management UI to fit your business.

By Jesse Friedman

Sep 9, 2021

There is no other business quite like yours. And there’s no other platform like the new Fluent Order Management Experience (OMX)—the low-code platform for order management. There’s a good chance you’d be a great match.

What is OMX?

In short, it’s a set of tools that lets you configure User Interfaces (UIs) and fulfillment logic, faster than ever before. And extend both to fit your business.

With OMX it’s easier to set up your processes just as you want them. It also takes developers less time and effort to build whatever you dream up. It’s the precision of a custom build with the simplicity of software-as-a-service. That’s pretty much the best of all worlds, by design.

Low-Code makes development faster

That’s because OMX is low-code. You’ll hear more about what that means in the months to come. But to summarize: “Low-code” is a combo of no-code and some-code. You can mix and match pre-built templates and pieces that create the workflows and interfaces you want without a lick of code. You can also build out new UI components and business rules using Software Development Kits (SDKs) that offer the tools and guidance to code efficiently. In fact, we use the SDKs ourselves.

Low-code systems like OMX are such a breath of fresh air because, in the words of OMX’s chief architect Ben Harrison, “you tell it what you want and it works out the details.” Many elements can be configured in a few minutes, like adding a form field or prioritizing shipping methods for a certain product type.


Monitor and mobile UI for pick process

The pick-and-pack flow, built with OMX Design System, featuring a configured exception flag

We provide reference templates, such as the new Fluent Store web app based on our world-class OMX Design System, so you’re not starting from scratch. We have teams building out new components and rulesets, so the library of just-configure-it elements will blossom over the coming months and years.

An evolution of configure and extend

While we’re using the term “low-code” for the first time, OMX is more of an evolution than a revolution in how Fluent adapts to the needs of brands and retailers. Since 2018, it’s how our clients and partners have controlled orchestration. They build workflows with ready-made templates and rulesets, with novel logic tailored as needed. Today, OMX has expanded the notion of “configure and extend” to another critical part of the order management system: the web apps used by associates and managers. And in the future, it will also help you connect all systems in your commerce stack. Stay tuned!

Monitor and mobile UI for store fulfillment dashboard

The home screen of the Fluent Store web app, based on modern design standards, provides insights into order status.

Change is easy

It’s also a whole lot simpler to adapt to change once you’re set up with a low-code system like OMX. Adjusting a fulfillment process, setting up a 3PL, offlining a region during a weather event… If it doesn’t require coding (just config), it’s not much work at all. If you need to build new UI components or rules, you can—with less effort than ever before. And if you need help, there are plenty of great partners that can assist you. (We’re happy to report that the partners who piloted OMX — Bridge Solutions Group, Openmind, Ayata Commerce, Emakina and BORN Group — are excited to do work that’s more meaningful and less menial for their clients.)

Candidly, if you’re happy with rigid software dictating how to run your business, Fluent Order Management may not be for you. But if you value flexibility, let’s talk.

For more information on Fluent Order Management and OMX, request a demo today.

Fluent OMX solution brief cover

Fluent Order Management Experience (OMX)

Learn more about Fluent OMX, the low-code platform for order management.

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