Clear accurate inventory visibility

See what’s available to promise
across all your systems and locations


  • Reduce overselling and canceled orders
  • Reduce underselling and lost revenue
  • Keep inventory in sync in near real-time
  • Scale quickly as you grow

Get control over what you sell where, with Fluent Order Management.

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Manage enterprise inventory, at scale

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All in one place

Track stock availability in near real-time

Keep inventory data in sync across all your systems and locations so you know what’s Available to Sell

Manage virtual inventory pools

Set up rules to segment your stock so you can control what you sell in each channel, market, or region

Orchestrate product and inventory updates

Control how product and inventory updates are applied across your business

Manage buffer stock levels

Set buffer stock (or safety stock) levels so you don’t oversell and have to cancel orders

Manage product or category exclusions

Set up rules to exclude products or categories from being solid in a market or region

Accept pre-orders and backorders

Configure rules to manage pre-orders and backorders

Extend the data model

Use custom attributes to track all your key data

Inventory attributes

Add custom inventory attributes (e.g., expected arrival date) and statuses (e.g., in transit) that can be used in your fulfillment logic that manages how orders are processed.

Product attributes

Add custom product attributes that can be used in your fulfillment logic (e.g., bulky, fragile, cost), or store reference numbers used in other systems

Location attributes

Use custom location attributes in your fulfillment logic, such as capacity attributes (e.g., max number of open orders, max daily orders, etc.)

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When you have better inventory visibility and accuracy you can sell more.

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