Use your stores as mini-DCs for ‘Click and Collect’ and ‘Ship from Store’ orders

Increase foot traffic with Click and Collect

  • Offer buy online, pick-up in store orders to increase store traffic and let customers:
    • Avoid shipping costs or missed deliveries
    • Get items faster or at a convenient time
    • Offer Ship to Store so customers have more delivery options
    • Provide store associates with more opportunities to cross sell / upsell and increase store revenue
Buy online pickup in store customer notification
Marking a returned item suitable for resale

Offer the convenience of Omnichannel Returns

  • Offer in-store returns to boost shopper confidence and increase online sales
  • Provide easy returns, exchanges and refunds to increase customer loyalty

Use store inventory for Ship from Store

  • Fill online orders using store inventory to reduce inventory carrying costs and so you reduce out of stocks
  • Ship from the store closest to your customer for faster delivery to your customers
Ship to Store concept image
In stock availability concept

Ensure an efficient Pick and Pack Process

  • Provide user friendly tools to increase pick and pack efficiency
  • Create picking waves to optimize the pick process based on:
    • Order priority
    • Order expiry time
    • Item location
  • Get a wholistic view of store shipments for better capacity planning
  • Automatically print carrier specific shipping labels

More Features & Benefits

Fluent Order Management

Achieve the perfect balance between customer experience and profitability.


Show customers what's in stock at their local store so they're more likely to complete the sale.

Distributed Order Management

Manage orders and returns across all your distribution centers, stores, and drop shippers.


See a real-time view of all your inventory so you can increase what's available to sell.