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6 Benefits of Using Inventory Visibility Software

Never lose sight of inventory again

Accurate, real-time inventory data = competitive advantage

By Fluent Commerce Marketing

Dec 7, 2022

Companies without a dedicated inventory management platform are at a significant disadvantage.


Without the clarity that inventory visibility software provides, you create pain points that can hurt your customer experience—affecting revenue and future brand loyalty..


It’s impossible to manage inventory without inventory data visibility across your supply chain. Let’s look at the six benefits of using inventory visibility software.


Increased efficiency 

One of the benefits of inventory visibility in the supply chain is increased efficiency. Your entire operational team will benefit from the insights robust inventory visibility software provides. For example, your team will be able to view current inventory data and historical details to help set reorder points.


You’ll also cut down on the time spent auditing your inventory, meaning your team won’t need to spend hours tallying up items in your warehouse. And when it comes to inventory levels?


More appropriate inventory levels

Another benefit of using inventory visibility software is ensuring you have adequate levels of inventory to support business needs. Organizations that carry many products sometimes struggle when there’s a surge in orders. As a result, they may not replenish their stock in time to meet customer demand. 


With inventory visibility software, your staff will maintain complete awareness of inventory data. But don’t forget about your customers.


Improved customer experience

Customers are happy when they can buy the products they want without delay. When you don’t have the goods they need, they’ll likely turn to another supplier Which ultimately impacts your revenue and reputation.


Another key benefit of inventory visibility guaranteeing that your customers have a satisfactory experience every time they shop with you.


Real-time inventory visibility

Inventory management systems of the past relied on lots of manual work. Employees had to track each item, which often resulted in mistakes and unavailable items. Often, companies wouldn’t have up-to-date information about their stock levels.


Access to real-time data may be the most important of all the benefits of using inventory visibility software. Live updates offer unparalleled insight into all your inventory across systems and location, giving you a comprehensive view of the products moving in and out. This brings us to transparency…


Order status transparency

Don’t let your customers get stuck in an order status black hole. Order status transparency is crucial to any organization that wants to make sure its customers are up-to-date on their orders.


The solution? Inventory visibility software lets you set automated notifications.. Your updates will inform your customer of each stage of the order process, including packing and shipping times.


A transparent order process keeps your customers happy—and loyal to your brand. But can you act fast? Are your systems nimble?


Rapid adaptability

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. When it does, you may find yourself without the necessary inventory to support customer needs. Inventory visibility in supply chains is essential for maintaining awareness of disruptions.


Your inventory management system can notify you of interruptions, allowing you to adapt and make the necessary adjustments.


Fluent Commerce supports inventory management

Fluent Commerce’s inventory visibility software, Fluent Order Management, provides a single view of inventory data that optimizes your inventory management process. You’ll be able to track stock, check availability across locations, and fulfill orders against inbound inventory. Schedule a free demo to learn more.


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