Show customers what's in stock at their local store so they're more likely to buy

Show what’s available before the ‘Buy’ button

  • Display what’s available to your customer on the product page to increase sales, including:
    • What’s in stock at their local store
    • How quickly a ‘Click & Collect’ order can be ready (based on store capacity)
    • Home delivery options that include carriers, delivery dates and costs
    • Include inbound stock and products from drop shippers to increase what you have available to sell
In-stock inventory concept
Pre-order concept

Gain complete control with Customized Availability

  • Use rules to limit what’s available based on:
    • Customer information (e.g., loyalty program member)
    • Product attributes (e.g., hazardous items, oversized items, etc.)
    • Date or time
    • Location

Display availability for Click and Collect

  • Display a list of stores with collection times
  • Use data from the customer’s profile to automatically show their favorite location by default for a better customer experience
Available to promise inventory concept

More Features & Benefits

Fluent Order Management

Achieve the perfect balance between customer experience and profitability.

Distributed Order Management

Manage orders and returns across all your distribution centers, stores, and drop shippers.


See a real-time view of all your inventory so you can increase what's available to sell.


Use your stores as mini-DCs for 'Click and Collect' and 'Ship from Store' orders.