The Distributed Order Management system you can fully customize to fit your omnichannel strategy

Enhance your customer experience

  • Achieve a single view of orders across all channels so you can provide a seamless omnichannel experience
  • Provide your customers with more convenient delivery options
  • Let customers choose how and when they receive their order to reduce ‘failed first delivery’ rates and customer frustration
  • Show customers what’s in-stock before they go to your store to avoid disappointment
Functions of an order management system
Delivery options screen

Increase your store profit

  • Use “Click and Collect” to boost store traffic
  • Provide store associates with user friendly tools that increase pick and pack efficiency
  • Show customers what’s in stock at their local store so they’re more likely to visit or place a Click and Collect order

Delight customers with faster delivery

  • Ship from a store near the customer to reduce delivery times
  • Use split shipments when stock for an order is not available in one location to get items to a customer faster
Ship to store concept
Reduce out of stocks concept

Make your stock work harder

  • Ship from stores with low turnover to reduce markdowns and improve gross margins
  • Use stock from all locations to fulfill ecommerce orders so you:
    • Can safely lower warehouse inventory to reduce carrying costs
    • Never miss a sale

Be future ready

  • Prepare for the future with a true cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) with dynamic scaling to support your peak season and growth
  • Get full access to the SDK so you can extend the platform
  • Always have access to the latest features, with zero downtime for upgrades
  • Take advantage of modern GraphQL integration that lets you control what data you receive
Hot air balloon in the clouds

More Features & Benefits


Show customers what's in stock at their local store so they're more likely to complete the sale.

Distributed Order Management

Manage orders and returns across all your distribution centers, stores and drop shippers.

Global Inventory

See a real-time view of all your inventory so you can increase what's available to sell.

Store Fulfillment

Use your stores as mini-DCs for ‘Click and Collect‘ and ‘Ship from Store’ orders.