Cloud-native order management for commercetools

Fast, flexible order management for headless commerce

Manage inventory and orders across digital channels and stores

Track stock availability

Keep inventory in sync across all your systems and locations so you know what’s Available to Sell.

Optimize sourcing and allocation

Ship orders from the best location such as the store with the lowest sell through, oldest stock, highest discounts, or store closest to the customer.

Manage virtual inventory pools

Set up rules to segment your stock so you can control what you sell in each channel, market, or region.

Share data via APIs

Use our GraphQL and REST APIs to share data with other systems so you can enhance all your customer touchpoints.

Extend the platform

Extend the data model to support your use cases and extend the apps using our SDK.

Scale dynamically

Support 1 million+ SKUs, thousands of locations and 100mil+ inventory positions.

Fluent Order Management for commercetools

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Features and Benefits

Headless Commerce

Increase flexibility and reduce risk.

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Fulfillment Optimization

Increase your profit on every order.

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Multi-Brand / Multi-National

Manage all your brands and global regions.

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