The low-code platform for order management

Tailor the Order Management Experience to fit your business

Configure quickly. Extend deeply. Adapt as needed.

Fluent Store pack

Configure without code

Use low-code tools to set up UIs and common Workflows using pre-made components—no IT required.

Extend with the SDK

Build the specific integrations and processes you need using powerful developer kits complete with tools and design patterns.

Update the UI with no effort

Simply make changes to the business logic in your Workflows and refresh the browser, the best-in-class design system auto-adapts.

Embrace complexity

Use configurable templates and reusable components to adapt to each business unit’s and geography’s needs.

Get going quickly

Rollout faster. Spend less time testing and training. Sell more of what you have and less of what you don’t.

Evolve as needs change

Nobody knows what the future holds, but with OMX you’re best positioned to adapt quickly to new constraints and opportunities.

Fluent OMX solution brief cover

Fluent Order Management Experience (OMX)

Learn more about Fluent OMX, the low-code platform for order management.


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