Fluent Order Management runs on AWS

Fluent + AWS

In today’s market, as a retailer or brand, you need a flexible, extensible platform that lets you adapt quickly to changes in consumer demands and market conditions.

Together, Fluent Commerce and AWS provide exactly that. Fluent Order Management is a flexible framework that empowers you to configure and extend the platform, and fully customize your business logic. While AWS provides the global scalable, secure cloud infrastructure that your enterprise requires.

That way you can achieve the goals you have today, such as:

  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Update which locations or networks of locations can fulfill orders faster
  • Reduce Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) or Click and Collect lead times
  • Fine-tune sourcing logic
  • Manage in-store order processing capacity
  • Increase average order value using inventory driven recommendations
  • Optimize in-store pick and pack
  • Diversify carriers
  • Scale to meet peak season demand with ease

But also pivot quickly, face future uncertainty with confidence, and welcome new challenges like:

  • Regional or global expansion
  • New fulfillment partnerships
  • Recommerce and circular economy
  • IoT

Ultimately, you’ll have the technology you need to improve efficiency at every layer of your fulfillment operations and power future growth.

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