Now you can orchestrate everything

Control how your data is processed

Manage updates to products, inventory, orders, and payments across all your systems

Configure rules and workflows

Tailor the rules and workflows to fit your business strategy.

Reuse rules

Create rules that can be reused across your business.

Extend the data model

Add custom attributes for products, orders, locations, etc. and use them in your business logic.

Orchestrate product and inventory updates

Control how product and inventory updates are applied across your business.

Automate manual processes

Trigger alerts to users for manual steps in your order workflow, like fraud checks.

Trigger events in other systems

Use Fluent Order Management workflows to trigger events in other systems, like customer notifications or alerts.


More Features & Benefits

Fluent Order Management

Automate order management across all your systems and processes.

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In-Store Pick and Pack

Increase store staff productivity.

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Global Inventory

Power your business with the ultimate enterprise inventory hub.

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