Get more control over the stock you have Available to Promise

The Product Details Page… Reimagined

Show customers what you have where, and how and when that can get it


Reduce overselling

Show accurate in-stock positions updated in near real-time to reduce overselling.


Reduce stockouts

Make store stock available online so you’re in stock more often.


Offer convenient pickup

Show accurate lead times for in-store pickup.


Optimize recommendations

Recommend items in stock at the same location to reduce split shipments.


Reserve stock that’s in the cart

Put a soft hold on stock once it’s in the cart so it’s still available when your customer checks out.


Accept backorders and preorders

Promise against inbound or in-transit inventory so you capture the sale.


Show local availability

Let customers see what’s in stock at all local stores.


Offer loyalty perks

Show custom availability or shipping options based on loyalty status.

Single view of inventory

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Learn how you can expand and control what you have available to sell.


More Features & Benefits

Order Management

Automate order management across all your systems and processes.

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Omnichannel Orchestration

Now you can orchestrate everything. Orders, inventory, and more.

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Global Inventory

Power your business with the ultimate enterprise inventory hub.

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