Webinar: Operational AI Use Cases

Order and inventory availability management

Monitor image: Operational AI use Cases webinar

The AI landscape has changed rapidly over the past few months. New tools are being rolled out every week. Yet most of the hype is centered around Generative AI for front end interaction use cases. But what about AI and ML for back end operational use cases?

Tune in to the on-demand webinar to hear from guest speaker Rowan Curran, Senior Analyst, focused on AI, ML, and data science at Forrester about the  challenges and opportunities for technology executives and their teams.

Specifically he covers:

  • Market overview and adoption of AI across industries
  • Generative AI vs Predictive AI
  • Front end interaction vs back end operational use cases
  • Challenges when organizations try to apply AI to operational processes
  • When to use embedded models vs having more control over models models
  • Key considerations when preparing for a Machine Learning or AI project
  • The role of AI in staying competitive

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