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Fluent Order Management vs Salesforce Order Management

Accelerate Your Order Management with Fluent Commerce

The best Order Management system for Salesforce isn’t the one Salesforce built.

If your needs are basic, it’s probably fine. But if you are looking to optimize across any sort of complexity, Fluent Order Management is the clear choice.

  • Truly inventory aware
    • Get an accurate view of near real-time inventory across all systems and locations
    • Control what is Available to Promise in each channel, market or region
    • Process inventory updates at scale
    • Show accurate inventory before the buy button to reduce overselling and underselling
  • As easy to set up as Salesforce OMS
    • Fluent and Salesforce OMS both use a cartridge to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    • Cartridge for with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) integrates both inventory and order data
    • See and edit order details in Salesforce Service Cloud (SFSC)
  • A much more powerful platform to meet your needs and customer demands
    • Fulfill from anywhere — DCs, stores, 3PLs, drop ship vendors, and other third party partners
    • Highly flexible software that adapts to your business, not the other way around
    • Low-code configuration supports both simple configuration and complex adaptation
  • Solely focused on your order management needs
    • 100% of R&D goes to order management
    • Built for a best-in-class approach to future-proof your commerce stack

True trailblazers find their way to the best solution. For your order management needs, it’s likely Fluent.

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