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Fluent Order Management vs Manhattan Active Omni

Accelerate Your Order Management with Fluent Commerce

Manhattan’s transitioning to the cloud. We’ve been here since Day 1. Spend less and get more faster when you choose a commerce stack that includes Fluent Order Management.

  • Truly inventory aware
    • Get an accurate view of near real-time inventory across all systems and locations
    • Control what is Available to Promise in each channel, market or region
    • Process inventory updates at scale
    • Show accurate inventory before the buy button to reduce overselling and underselling
  • Order Management that adapts to your business, not the other way around
    • Event-driven, rule-based architecture is highly adaptable
    • Adapt, extend, and change UIs and workflows to fit your business strategy using low-code tools
    • Proven integrations with best-in-class services across the commerce stack
  • Avoid lock-in by assembling best-in-breed systems
    • Choose software built by highly focused teams — 100% of Fluent R&D goes to order management
    • Choose a trusted partner to implement your system without upselling software
    • By avoiding lock-in with a monolith, you stay nimble as needs change
  • Lower total cost of ownership, faster time to value
    • Spend a lot less with a cloud-based modular commerce stack
    • Choose the right implementation partner for your budget and future needs
    • Configure and extend with low-code tools so you can go live faster

Want to pay a lot of money to have an opinionated system tell you how to run your fulfillment operations? Give Manhattan a call. If you want to take control with a faster, modular, and more cost effective approach, request a demo of Fluent Order Management today.

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