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Fluent Order Management vs Kibo Order Management

Accelerate Your Order Management with Fluent Commerce

Kibo Order Management and Fluent Order Management are both cloud-native, scalable, API-first platforms. But there are several differences making Fluent the clear choice over Kibo for your order management needs.

  • Truly inventory aware
    • Get an accurate view of near real-time inventory across all systems and locations
    • Control what is Available to Promise in each channel, market or region
    • Process inventory updates at scale
    • Show accurate inventory before the buy button to reduce overselling and underselling
  • Easy to adapt and extend to fit your business
    • Low-code tools to configure UIs and adapt common Workflows
    • Add or remove steps in a process
    • Add new UI components or user actions
    • Create components to display third party data
    • Powerful SDKs (Software Development Kits) with GraphQL and REST APIs for deep extension and integration
  • Global team, global experience
    • Time-tested success across borders, continents, languages, industries
    • Templates to replicate common procedures while adapting to local needs 
    • Dozens of partners trained to implement Fluent Order Management globally
  • Solely focused on your order management needs
    • 100% of R&D goes to order management
    • Built for a best-in-class approach to future-proof your commerce stack

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