Gartner® Report

Best Practices for Selecting Retail Distributed Order Management Systems

“To meet today’s consumer shopping demands, many retailers have to increase fulfillment complexity in order to improve consumer experience.” The applications that DOM systems replace include an ERP (22%) and a home-grown order management system (34%).

Gartner® research has found that “DOM systems are most appropriate for retailers that are facing growing levels of operational fulfillment complexity that cannot be adequately managed by existing systems.”

Key findings include:

  • “For the majority of retailers, selecting a distributed order management (DOM) system is a first-time experience. »
  • “Retailers dedicate a disproportionate amount of time to understanding the functional capabilities of DOM systems.”
  • “In the past two years, the time taken by retailers from searching for a DOM system to signing a licensing agreement has reduced by 20% to less than six months.”

This report is no longer available, but you may be interested in the Gartner Report: 2022 Market Guide for Retail Distributed Order Management Systems.


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