Accept the return of an online order from any location

Return Anywhere Benefits

Simplify The Return Process

The ease with which an order can be returned is important to customers.

Accept Returns at Any Location

Let customers return an online order to any store or Distribution Center.

Increase Store Traffic

Customers who visit are more likely to make another purchase too.

Accept returns from any location

Returns are a hassle. But sometimes they can’t be helped. Whether due to the wrong size, poor fit, or a damaged item, the ease with which an unsatisfactory order can be returned is very important to customers. This is especially true for online orders. Many customers won’t place an order if a return means they have to repack the item, print a label, and ship it.

But with Return Anywhere, they don’t have to. Your store staff can accept the return of an online order from any location. What’s more, a customer who visits the store for a return, is more likely to make another purchase too.

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