Cloud-native enterprise inventory and order management for commercetools

Fluent Order Management commercetools integration


Fast, flexible order management for headless commerce

Fluent Order Management for commercetools enhances your headless commerce platform with advanced inventory visibility, inventory management, and order management capabilities, and support for customized, rules based, fulfillment logic.

This results in better inventory accuracy, more control over what you sell where, and lets you customize business processes for Click and Collect and Ship from Store. What’s more, the Fluent Order Management platform was designed to be flexible, so you can continue to extend and fine tune your fulfillment rules over time or adapt them quickly if needed. By using Fluent Order Management a single source of truth for inventory across your entire organization you’ll be able to provide real-time updates and notification to your
customers, and ultimately offer a better customer experience.


Benefits of Fluent Order Management for commercetools

  • Advanced inventory and order management across digital channels and stores.
  • Cloud-native, multi-tenant platform with an API-first approach
  • GraphQL API for Product Availability, Orders, Fulfillments, and Products
  • Headless deployment available, so you can, say, manage orders in your existing CRM or service cloud solution
  • Dynamic, cost effective scaling in the cloud that can support 1 million+ SKUs, thousands of locations and 100mil+ inventory positions.
Fluent Order Management for commercetools

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