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Multi-Brand / Multi-National Distributed Order Management eBook

Multi-Brand / Multi-National Distributed Order Management

Learn how you can add new brands and global regions with confidence.

eBook Cover: Ship from Store: 4 Ways CX Broke in 2020

Ship from Store: 4 Ways CX Broke in 2020 (and how to avoid them in 2021)

This eBook looks at four ways the ship from store Customer Experience (CX) was impacted, and what you can do to improve your CX in the future.

ROI calculator cover

Omnichannel Order Management ROI Calculator

Need to build a business case for a retail distributed order management system? Here’s a calculator to get you started.

eBook Cover - 7 Ways to Boost In-Store Pick and Pack Efficiency

7 Ways to Boost In-Store Pick and Pack Efficiency

Warehouses use many pick and pack strategies. But do they make sense in a store? In this eBook we look at 7 ways you can streamline the pick and pack processes in your stores.

Click and Collect to Ship from Store in 5 days

How an international retailer turned on Ship from Store in just 5 days

What do you do when your stores are closed but you have inventory trapped in them that you need to move? Or your online orders have gone through the roof, but your online inventory isn’t enough to satisfy every customer?

Advanced Sourcing Strategies for Salesforce ebook cover

Advanced Sourcing Strategies

Learn about 14 sourcing strategies designed to take your ecommerce customer experience and profitability to the next level.

8 factors for returns optimization

8 Factors to consider for Returns Optimization

Returns in eCommerce range between 20-30% and global eCommerce sales are projected to hit 6.54 trillion U.S. dollars by 2023...

Click and Collect Starter Guide

Click & Collect Playbook

Up to 75% of consumers who collect an order in-store will buy another item. But only if they have a good experience. Unfortunately, almost 20% of consumers...

7 Reasons to use a Best-in-Class Order Management System eBook

7 Reasons to Use a Best-in-Class Order Management System

Learn how a best-in-class Order Management System can help you provide a delivery experience your customers will love...

Retooling Order Management article cover

The Definitive Guide for Choosing or Re-Tooling your Order Management System

Distributed order management (DOM) and flexible fulfillment have become essential pillars of retail performance. In the quest to...

Retail's Inconvenient Truth article cover

The Retail Industry's Inconvenient Truth

In order to remain competitive and profitable, retailers need to ensure they are faster and easier than anyone else to shop with...

Collaborative Supply Chain Transformation article cover

Accent Group: A collaborative Supply Chain Transformation

Tim Greenstein, General Manager Supply Chain & Technology and Supply Chain Manager, Mark Rizza, reveal the secrets behind their omni channel strategy...