Fluent Commerce in the news

janvier 12, 2021
What's next for Primark?
décembre 11, 2020
[Tribune] Comment la technologie accompagne les commerçants dans cette période de Noël particulière?
décembre 2, 2020
How technology is preparing high street retailers for the pandemic-struck Christmas season
novembre 11, 2020
Barbeques Galore improves efficiency of order fulfilment
novembre 9, 2020
How to best manage your inventory during the COVID-19 pandemic
octobre 13, 2020
How cloud-based systems can keep track of inventory across disparate systems
octobre 13, 2020
Four ways to power up your in-store pick-and-pack process
octobre 8, 2020
Optimising in-store pick and pack efficiency
septembre 30, 2020
Modcloth modernizes online shopping experience
septembre 29, 2020
Making the most of markdowns with advanced sourcing strategies
septembre 24, 2020
How to sell surplus stock during a global pandemic
septembre 21, 2020
Customer Experience and Profitability: It's not a balancing act. Have both!
août 12, 2020
How retailers can adapt and maximise margins on markdowns
août 10, 2020
Dark Stores - Shining a Light on the Future of Retail
juillet 14, 2020
Bringg partners with Fluent Commerce to provide premium delivery experience
juillet 10, 2020
Three ways to improve CX without eroding profitability
juin 17, 2020
Launching your buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) program
juin 12, 2020
A single view of inventory can help retailers get back on track
juin 2, 2020
Leaving lockdown: What will happen when offices become an option again?
juin 1, 2020
Accurate inventory and extended hours: Are dark stores the way of the future?
mai 28, 2020
Fluent Commerce: The Future of Global Commerce
mai 27, 2020
Post-pandemic predictions: Learning from the crisis to be stronger than before
mai 26, 2020
Dark Stores. They're here!
mai 22, 2020
The long-term value delivered by sustainable retail
mai 20, 2020
Why Order Management is the key to great Customer Experience
mai 19, 2020
Don’t get fooled by fake cloud applications
mai 18, 2020
Mounting pressures fuel mental health crisis in the tech industry
avril 28, 2020
Retail’s safe return: Preparing for the rebound
avril 27, 2020
Podcast: Inside The OMS Market With Fluent Commerce CEO Graham Jackson
avril 24, 2020
Rise of the in-person experience
avril 23, 2020
Why it's time to buy into sustainable Retail
avril 22, 2020
How a Single View of Inventory can Help Aussie Retailers Thrive After COVID-19 Crisis
avril 15, 2020
Fluent Commerce joins commercetools software marketplace to support omni-channel retail
mars 18, 2020
Protecting your business and supply chain from the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
mars 18, 2020
Advice for Australian retailers during virus pandemic
mars 9, 2020
IWD advice from ladies who have been there and done that
mars 9, 2020
New global partnership announced
mars 4, 2020
Convenience — The next retail battleground
février 11, 2020
Why education is key to closing the STEM gender gap
février 7, 2020
Fluent Commerce and BORN Group enter into a global partnership deal
février 4, 2020
Why the retail store is here to stay in Australia
janvier 29, 2020
Retailers need to reduce waste for a sustainable future
janvier 21, 2020
Fluent Commerce supports full omnichannel vision for Italian retailer Conbipel
janvier 13, 2020
A Fresh Look at Overstocks
décembre 18, 2019
Five ways retailers can improve their returns process
décembre 17, 2019
International Retailer Safilo Group Picks Fluent Commerce To Boost Delivery Speed And Convenience For Customers
décembre 13, 2019
Fluent Commerce's hand in changing the omnichannel retail experience
novembre 26, 2019
4 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Cyber Monday
novembre 26, 2019
Fluent Commerce builds up channel ecosystem
novembre 25, 2019
Breaking Down Consumer Habits this Festive Season
novembre 11, 2019
US VC targets gap in Aussie market for big funding rounds
novembre 11, 2019
Go Wild! Four Ways to Gear Up for Click Frenzy 2019
septembre 30, 2019
Is (Near) Real-Time Customer Experience Within Reach?
septembre 27, 2019
Five ways to get customers stepping into stores
août 9, 2019
Fluent Commerce scores $33m in funding round
août 6, 2019
Sydney startup Fluent Commerce secures $33 million as US capital heads Down Under
août 5, 2019
'Amazon effect' Aussie retail start-up raises big money
février 25, 2019
Gen Z uses channels to start social relationships with retailers
février 15, 2019
The digital strategy behind Accent Group's supply chain transformation
février 1, 2019
Retail Shoppers Like Discount Emails: Report
janvier 31, 2019
Survey: How do consumers want to be recognized by retailers?
janvier 22, 2019
How can physical retailers out-convenience the online giants?
janvier 7, 2019
Optimising Daily Functions with Retail Tech
janvier 1, 2019
C-suite career advice: Graham Jackson, Fluent Commerce
novembre 28, 2018
10 ways Gen Zs spend money differently than their Gen X parents
novembre 26, 2018
It’s Cyber Monday, but Majority of Shopping Remains In Store
novembre 23, 2018
How to remain a winner this Black Friday
octobre 29, 2018
Sam’s Club preps to open first cashier-less location